Getting into Cake Decorating doesn’t have to be expensive, whilst there are a myriad of tools, cutters and associated decorating bits and pieces that are nice to have you can get away with the following for most projects:

  1. A turntable – you can get a turntable or lazy susan from the discount shops fairly cheaply, if you budget stretches further you can also a proper cake decorating turntable from a cake decorating store.
  2. A sharp craft knife or scalpel – my most used tool ever.
  3. A sharp regular knife – used for torting (cutting into layers), levelling and carving cake.
  4. Tooth picks – very useful for modelling
  5. Paintbrush – kept exclusively for cake decorating only
  6. Rolling pin – used for rolling fondant
  7. Spatula – for ganaching cakes or icing with buttercream
  8. Small Palette knife – the kind used by artist for painting
  9. Craft mat or board – for cutting on
  10. Plastic wrap

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