How to Make a Man Cave Cake

With the growing popularity of man caves why not turn it into a cake for the man in your life. This cake can be customised to match a real man cave or dream one. This cake includes some classic man cave items like a big screen TV, lounge, bar, dart board, signed football jersey and air hockey table but feel free to make as many or as little of these items as you like.

Step 1 – Cake Board
The board needs to have walls added to 2 sides (can be made by nailing pieces of wood to the base board and at the join) and then cover it in fondant. The brick pattern is made by pressing a ruler into the fondant to make the horizontal lines and then making the vertical lines with a modelling tool that has a flat edge. You could also use an impression mat if you have one or just leave the fondant plain.

Man Cave Board

Step 2 – Cake
Make a square or rectangular cake and cover it with fondant and attach it to the board sliding it up against the corner. I made some templates just to work out the sizing and to make sure everything fits but this is optional.

Step 3 – Furniture and Accessories
This is what will make your cake a man cave, for the large items you will need some rice cereal treats and some of the left over ganache from your cake.


  • As can be seen in the video the lounge is made using rice cereal treats on a cardboard base and covered in ganache and fondant.
  • Using a spatula or palette knife mark in the cushions before the fondant firms up.
  • The lounge is attached to the  cake with royal icing.

3b) Bar

  • The bar is also made from rice cereal treats covered in ganache and fondant. Cover the back first (you will see in the video that I laid it down on the fondant and cut around it).
  • For the front and sides use a ribbed rolling pin and silver lustre dust brushed on dry to make it look like corrugated iron.
  • For the timber top and trim mix a few different shades of brown to get a slight marbled effect. Using a veining tool mark in some knots and grain for the wood.
  • To make the bar complete add some drinks. Cans can be made by making a cylinder and adding a small circle of grey or silver on top, and adding a label. The bottles start as a cylinder and then narrow one end with your fingers. Leave round bottles as is or for square bottles flatten the edges with rulers.

Man Cave 2

3c) TV

You can have some fun with this and put whatever you like on the screen.

  • For this cake football goal posts were a nice easy solution. If you didn’t want to make the picture with fondant you would print out  picture from your computer and laminate it just make sure it doesn’t get eaten.
  • The TV is just a series of rectangles, stuck together using water as glue and left to dry on some foam. When dry, stick the TV to the wall with royal icing.


3d) Coffee table

In a man cave you need somewhere to put your gaming console and snacks so a coffee table comes in handy.

  • It is really simple just a fondant box shape with a timber look top.
  • The top is made the same way as the bar top and the fondant box is just made by using rulers to form up sides.

3e) Gaming Console

  • This is just another fondant box made the same as the coffee table base with some lines marked into it.
  • For the controllers roll a ball of fondant and cut it in half make crescent shapes with each half and cut out a section using a modelling tool with a u-shape end (if you don’t have a tool like this you can cut the end of the straw to make the u shape or just use a knife and free hand it).
  • Add tiny coloured dots and some larger black dots to finish the controller.


3f) Framed Jersey

  • Like the TV this is a couple of rectangles.
  • For the jersey draw out the shape and then cut it out in the teams colours and stick it on top with a little water.
  • Add accent colours to match the teams design.
  • If a jersey is in a frame it generally has signatures on it so draw on some scribbles with a food safe marker.


3g) Dart Board – the dart board is just a circle of yellow fondant with the rings and wedges marked in with a food safe marker.

Dart Board

3h) Air Hockey Table – Cut out a rectangle out of a cardboard cake board and round the edges slightly. Roll out the fondant quite thickly and cut around the board. Stick the air hockey table to the board with a little water. Make an indent with a ruler for the lines and using something with a round shape to mark the circles and semi-circles. Using food safe markers trace over the indents. Make the pushers with a circle of fondant and a ball on top make a circle for the puck. Trim 4 wooden skewers so they are the same length. Put the some royal icing on the skewers to stick the table top down. roll put a strip of black fondant and wrap it around the table.

air hockey table

3i) Tyre side table

  • Cut 2 thick circles using a circle cutter.
  • Using a ravioli cutter make the tyre treads.
  • Stick the 2 tyres together with a little water.

3j) Pizza

  • Cut a square for the base of the box then thin rectangles for the sides. Cut another square for the lid.
  • Cut a circle in beige for the pizza base and then roll out red fondant really thin. Cut a circle in red and stick it to the pizza base.
  • Roll thin snakes and chop into small pieces and stick on the toppings. Cut out a slice and put the remainder in the box and stick the box to the tyre side table.

3k) Men

As there are so many details the figures in this cake were kept pretty simple and are quite similar to the soccer/football player so feel free to pop over to that tutorial if you would like more information.

  • Roll out a sausage in the colour for the pants. It should be a little thinner on the edges so when you fold it in half the thicker section will make the waist and hips.
  • Cut off at the right length (you can check it against the lounge) and make indents in the back of the knees with a palette knife.
  • Using some water attach the legs to the lounge.
  • Make a sort of tombstone shape for the upper body and stick on top of the pants and against the back of the lounge.
  • Roll out another sausage in the shirt colour and cut it in half on the diagonal (this makes the shoulders), mark the inside of the elbow with a palette knfe.Stick to the body with a little water.
  • Roll small ball of fondant, cut it in half and flatten it a little. Cut a small v out where the thumb goes and then mark in the rest of the fingers. Attach the hand to the bottom of the sleeve.
  • Poke a bamboo skewer into the top of the neck down into the body for support.
  • Roll a ball for the head mark in the eyes and stick it onto the top of the skewer.
  • For the ears roll a small ball flatten it and cut it in half. Stick to the side of the head with a little water and poke in a hole with a veining tool.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you would like to see more please follow this blog or like or subscribe to my You Yube channel.





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