Mother’s Day Choc Top Cupcakes

Make these delicious choc top or pinata cupcakes and spoil mum this mothers day or anytime.

I was going to make a pinata cupcake where you break into the chocolate shell and treats spill out (and you can still make this by omitting the piped whipped ganache and filling the chocolate shell with treats) but then I thought what would make these better – more chocolate! So I decided to add the whipped chocolate ganache.

Step 1: You will need some silicone baking trays/mould – silicone is easiest to get the choc tops out without breaking them.

Step 2: Bake cupcakes in the shape and size to fit your chocolate shells and cool. I actually used a large muffin tin for the cupcakes underneath the rose choc tops.

Step 3: Melt the chocolate and fill the moulds ensuring that you get in all the creases and crevices.

Step 4: Flip over and let the excess chocolate run out, scrape around the edges of the mould and then let set (flat side down as per video). Note: if the chocolate shell looks a little thin you can let it set then repeat the process.

Step 5: Make chocolate ganache and let cool, I used milk chocolate ganache witha  ratio of 3:2 chocolate to cream (note this is a higher ratio of cream than you would use for underneath fondant).

Step 6: Optional – dust the chocolate shells with lustre (available from cake decorating stores and applied dry with a large soft brush).

Step 7: Option 1: Pinata cupcakes – if you wanted to go for the straight pinata option, flat ice the cupcake then fill the shell with treats and attach to the cupcake.

Step 8: Option 2: Filled choc top cupcakes – chill the ganache and beat on high speed, it will lighten in colour and you will end up with a look and texture which is almost mousse like.

Step 9: Pipe whipped ganache into the chocolate shell add in some treats and fill the rest of the shell with whipped ganache. I have shown adding some mm’s in the video but I also made a rocky road style variation by adding mini marshmallows and nuts to the piped ganache as well as some heart shaped sprinkles (yes you can literally sprinkle it with love!). You can use whatever treats you like.

Step 10: Place the shell on top of the cupcake and it is complete.

I would like to wish all the mums a very happy Mother’s Day.

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