How to Make a Yoshi Cake

Learn how to make a Yoshi Cake for your Mario Kart fan.

This cake is probably better suited for more advanced decorators but anyone is welcome to give it a go.

Step 1: Pictures
a) Do a search on the internet for pictures of Yoshi in his car you will need a least one side view picture.

b) Enlarge the side view picture to suit the size of your cake (I used a 10″/25cm round tin) and cut it out as it will be used as a template for carving.

Step 2: Carving
a) Cut the sides off the cake and stick those pieces on top of the cake with ganache.
b) Place the side view cut out against the side of the cake and use it as a guide for carving. Turn it over for the other side of the cake.
c) Keep carving until it looks right. I used scraps to build up the back of the car but if you don’t want to do this make your template a little smaller.

Step 3: Boards
a) Once the cake is carved trace around it to make a template for the board.
b) Cut out the board from wood and cover it.
c) Attach a short dowel to the board. Attach the board to a block of wood approximately an 1/2″/12mm thick attach to the base board and let dry.
d) Stick the cake to the board with a little ganache.

Yoshi cakeboard

Step 4: Head
a) The head is made from rice cereal treats squashed into a ball mould and chilled.
b) Carve the head using a picture as guide cutting a wedge out to make the eye section.
c) Trace around the bottom of the head and use as a template to make a small board.
d) Attach a thick dowel to the small board.
e) Attach the rice cereal head to the board with ganache.

Step 5: Structure
Take a thin pvc pipe and cut it to length so that it finishes at the shoulders of Yoshi.
b) Wrap the pipe in plastic wrap.
c) Make a hole using a thick skewer from the shoulders down to the bottom of the cake and move it around to widen the hole.
d) Gently push the wrapped pvc pipe into the hole.

Step 5: Ganache
a) Cover the cake in ganache
b) Dip a spatula in hot water dry off and smooth the ganache.
c) Repeat the process for the head.

Step 6: Fondant
a) Cover the head in green fondant and mark in the nostrils. Let the fondant firm up before adding the eyes and cheeks.
b) Cover the cake in fondant and let it firm up before adding the accent colours. The paper templates you see in the video are just freehanded using the pictures as a guide. Where I have need 2 of the same I have reversed the template.
c) The wheels were made with fondant with quite a bit of tylose added, rolled out very thickly and cut out with circle cutters. The centre of the wheel is made using a star cutter and two circle cutters to make the outer rim.
d) For the spoiler I used wooden popsicle sticks trimmed down and covered in fondant.
e) To highlight the headlights I used a small amount of lustre dust mixed with clear alcohol and painted on.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you would like to see more please follow my blog or subscribe to my Youtube channel.






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