Easy Easter Chick Cookies


These cute Easter chick cookies are really easy to make and are something that can be done with the kids  (although it does involve use of a sharp knife so they will need close supervision).

If you are like me and would much rather be decorating than baking then you are in luck – no baking! I have used milk arrowroot biscuits from the supermarket. If you like baking feel free to bake some oval or egg shaped cookies/biscuits.

You don’t need a lot of special cake decorating equipment for this one, really just a knife, a rolling pin (doesn’t have to be a small one), a small paint brush (I use water for glue) and your hands. In the video I have used a rose petal cutter for the wings but if you don’t have one you can just cut out a tear drop shape with a knife.

If you liked this tutorial I have another one an Easter Bunny version using the same cookies/biscuits used here that will be coming soon, so watch this space…..or subscribe to my youtube channel or follow my blog so you can find out about all new tutorials.

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