Hot Rod Cake

For my local show this year I decided to make a hot rod cake. I don’t really know anything much about hot rods and I’ve never made one before, but I just thought it would make a cool cake so I gave it a go.


Unfortunately I didn’t have time to make a tutorial but I will put a few notes below that might help if you wanted to make one of your own.

  1. Carving
    • Find lots of pictures as a reference including a side view of the car.
    • You can use the side view as a template for carving. Enlarge or decrease on your computer to get it the right size then cut around it and place against the cake this will help to get the overall proportions right.
  2. Board
    • Work out a base footprint and use that to cut out the board that will go directly under your cake.
    • This board needs to be raised up, I used a block of wood underneath the board the cake was sitting on and attached that block to the presentation board.
  3. Paintwork
    • First I airbrushed the car yellow into orange and almost red.
    • I had trouble with the flames I tried to use a stencil I cut out so I could airbrush it, but I wasn’t confident it wouldn’t bleed around the edges (and I didn’t want to redo everything ) so I ended up tracing around the stencil with a food safe marker and then painting the rest by hand.
  4. Wheels
    • Made from modelling paste (fondant with tylose added) by rolling it thick and using circle cutters, a plain circle then donut style circles on top.
    • I used the end of a piping tip for the details and painted it with silver lustre dust mixed with alcohol.
    • The tyres were made by wrapping black modelling paste around the wheels and using a ravioli cutting wheel to make the tread.
  5. Engine
    • I just tried to break the engine down into a whole lot of shapes and I copied off photos of engines e.g. the thing on top that I believe is called a blower I just made a rectangular block, rounded the edges and then wrapped a strip around it and curled the top edge back a little.
    • Painted it in silver lustre dust mixed with alcohol.



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