Rocky Road House – Great to do with the Kids

It has become a bit of a tradition in our house over the last couple of years to make a chocolate house at Christmas since we don’t like gingerbread. Usually we just use a small chocolate mould because I wanted to have something that could be finished before my son loses interest as young boys don’t always have the longest attention spans.

This year I had the idea to try making the house out of rocky road because:

  • My son loves rocky road
  • I wanted to make a bigger house but I didn’t want to use tons of chocolate (and the marshmallows and other ingredients make the chocolate go further)
  • if it didn’t work out we could just cut it up and serve as regular rocky road.

Last Christmas I bought some gingerbread house cookie cutters from K-mart they were pretty cheap $5 for the set and they still have them this year: you could probably make this without the cutters maybe using thick cardboard cut into strips and made into the shape  the cutters although you would probably need to cover the cardboard in something.

Gingerbread house cookie cutters

Gingerbread house cookie cutters

I used just under 1.3kg of chocolate for this project and just over a pack of marshmallows (although you could probably get away with less as I probably overfilled the cutters a little and oh yeah we ate some of the ingredients along the way).

  1. Place some non stick baking paper on a flat tray. Spray the cutters with oil and place them on the tray.
Spray the Cutters with Oil

Spray the Cutters with Oil

2. Melt 1/2 the chocolate either using a double boiler or the microwave in short bursts.

Melt the Chocolate

Melt the Chocolate

3. Cut up 1/2 the marshmallows and any other ingredients (use whatever you like) and put into the bowl and mix until the chocolate has coated all the ingredients.

rockyroad mixture

4. Spoon the mixture into the cookie cutters and place into the fridge to set.

Spoon in the Mixture

5. When set, release from the cutters you can use a hot knife (very carefully) if they don’t come out easily but I found that if I pulled the edges of the cutters outwards slightly they popped out.

Walls and Roof Parts

Walls and Roof Parts

6. Wash and dry the cutters (make sure they are 100% dry so your chocolate doesn’t seize).

7. Repeat the whole process again to make the remaining roof panel  and walls.

8. Assemble the house lumpy side facing inwards using melted chocolate to stick it together and to the board. Make sure you put a fair bit of chocolate along the top of the roofline to give it extra strength. We decided to use the lumpy side out for the roof to give it that rustic cabin look.You can fill the house with lollies or chocolates if you wish or leave it empty.

Tip: Because the rocky road is lumpy where you are joining it together you can either just use chocolate to fill in the gaps or you can trim the lumps down a bit where the edges are joining and just smear a little chocolate over it to cover any exposed marshmallows etc. this makes it a little neater at the joins.

9. Decorate however you like, my 7yr old son decorated ours with kit kats and M and Ms and we coloured some white chocolate green for plants which he piped around the bottom. Obviously you could really go to town with it piping some windows and other details and make it as fancy as you like.

Finished Rocky Road House

Finished Rocky Road House

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