Santa to the Rescue – Cake Style

What do you do if you get into trouble at the beach at Christmas time? Call on Santa and Dasher the reindeer to come the rescue of course.

For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere you probably wondering why you would be at beach at Christmas time in the first place but here in Australia Christmas time is in summer and it is prime beach weather.

For my son’s Nippers Christmas party I made a surf life saving themed cake with Santa and Dasher in the rubber ducky (IRB). I was going to do Rudolph but my son wanted Dasher instead.

Santa to the Rescue Cake

Santa to the Rescue Cake


Santa Rescue Close Up

Santa Rescue Close Up

Dasher is wearing his surf lifesaver gear and Santa is wearing a red rashie and board shorts.

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to take photos and make a Tutorial but I thought people might be interested in seeing it.

The boat was made using a cardboard cake board as a base with thick sausages for the sides which was then covered in fondant with tylose added. I made 2 small holes in the bottom of the boat to allow me to put in skewers to act as Santa and Dasher’s spines and to help grip the boat to the cake given they were on an angle.

To make Santa and Dasher kneeling I cut their legs on a diagonal just below the knee for the lower leg and then on the opposite diagonal for the upper leg. I used royal icing for the white water.

Modelling Tips:

  • To make hats look more natural looking cut the top of the head off  before attaching the hat and I used this method for both Santa and Dasher.


  • To attach animal ears and antlers make a hole in the head with a toothpick or modelling tool. Make a point on the ear and antlers where they are to go into the head. Using a small paintbrush put a little water in the hole and place the ears or antlers in. This method gives them additional grip so they are less likely to fall off and help the antlers to say upright.


  • To make arms and hands roll out a sausage and cut on a diagonal to make 2 pieces. Round the end with the diagonal a little to make the shoulder. On the other end flatten it to make the hand. cut out a V to make a mitten shape. Round the thumb a little and use the back of a knife the mark the fingers and creases in the arms (for example on the inside of the elbow for a bent arm).

To all my readers I hope you and your families have a safe and happy Christmas and new year.


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